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NOVA Monochrome print processor 30x40cm

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The ultimate BW print processor for printing in any darkroom - operating at ambient / room temperature. The Nova Monochrome is a simple and yet cost effective processing unit designed to sit in your darkroom ready to be used immediately. BW chemicals remain in the unit at all times ready to start printing without the need for setting up or clearing away after each printing session like traditional trays/dishes. The chemistry will even last for weeks or even months if replenished and by applying the special slot lids when you are finished. The base area of the unit takes up less space than a single tray/dish of the same size but effectively gives you three vertical trays - a great space saver in any darkroom.

Its 3 slot configuration is ideal for all modern black and white processes (developer, stop, fixer) and the amazing Nova Print Agitation Clip grips the exposed sheet of photo paper at the very edge and allows the user to create a print from 1" x 1" right upto the maximum size of the processor.