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Bild 1 - BUCH/ZEITSCHRIFT PhotoKlassik International Ausgabe III/2019

BUCH/ZEITSCHRIFT PhotoKlassik International Ausgabe III/2019

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Edition III 2019

The Accidental Travel Photographer packing for possibilities

Darkroom Color Printing can be fun for everyone

Wedding Photography on Film an event within an event

Gear Acquisition Syndrome no cure for happy suffereres


What Is PhotoKlassik International?
Answers to frequently asked questions:

PKI is an independent print magazine about analog photography, distributed internationally. The magazine is not a translation of the German PhotoKlassik.

It is a completely new publication with its own content and authors. Our magazine is written by photographers for photographers.

We feature book-quality reproductions and offer the highest possible printing quality. PKI is, in effect, a quarterly distributed photography book.

PhotoKlassik International features articles on artistic inspiration, techniques, and gear with a focus on the creative and mindful aspects of contemporary analog photography.

We are no advertisement catalog. We keep ad content relevant and minimal. Also, we don’t publish review after review, or other content easily found online.

Our content is in-depth in a way that a three-minute-read blog entry can’t be.

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