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MOERSCH MT3 Vario Sulfide Toner Kit 1 (Bleach 50ml + Toner 100ml + 250ml Activator)

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MOERSCH MT3 Vario Sulfide Toner Kit 1 (Bleach 50ml + Toner 100ml + 250ml Activator)

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Odourless Theocarbamide toner for indirect sulfur toning.

Through variable mixing of the toner and activator, and through different strengths of bleach, you can create tones from light yellow to red ochre to red-brown. The prints must be thoroughly washed before bleaching!

The bleaching times depend on the paper being used, as well as the desired image tone and the dilution of the bleacher. If you want to maintain the depth of the shadows, avoid overbleaching by using a dilution of at least 1+20 so that you can keep an eye on the progress of the bleaching. You should bleach for somewhere between 20 seconds and 3-4 minutes. Diluted bleacher (1+30 or more) can be washed out of the gelatine a paper base considerably faster than strong bleach (1+10). Before toning, you need to wash the print until the yellow tone completely disappears.

The bleach solution has a practically indefinite shelf-life. If the toner starts working too slowly, you can freshen it up by adding a bit of concentrate to the mix. Toning of the bleachd areas requires only 20-30 seconds. You can mix only a part of the concentrate if you need only a small amount of solution - even after the bottle is open the contents will remain fresh for years.

Kit 1: Bleach concentrate 100 ml for 1-4 Liter bleach solution, Toner concentrate 100 ml, and 250 ml activator for 1-2 liters of toner solution

Kit 2: Bleach concentrate 250 ml for 2,5 - 16 Liter bleach solution, Toner concentrate 250 ml, and 1000 ml activator for 5 liters of toner solution

If you prefer gold-brown or dark-brown image tons, you will need different amounts of toner and activator. For this reason, all concentrates are also available separately.


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