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JOBO CPE-3 Processor

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JOBO CPE-3 Processor

The new Jobo CPE-3 is a motor-driven rotation processor for all films from 135, 120, up to 4x5'' film and papers up to 30x40cm in JOBO-Tanks.

You will get exactly reproducable results while still keeping full creative control over your development procecsses.

You like to have a compact processor for blackandwhite film development, colour C-41, e-6 slides, RA-4 colour prints? You name it! The Jobo CPE-3 puts you into the position to do it all by yourself in your home darkroom.

Advantages of rotation processing are a very economical chemical consumption, very even development and exactly reproducable results.

The chemicals and film or print are all kept at the same controlled temperature in a common thermostacically controlled water-jacket. Temperature coan continuously be set between 20° and 40°. A red indicator light signals when the heater is in operation. All graduates and bottles lock into place and are kept from floating thus providing an even water level and optimum tempering.

The CPE-3 is compatible to all JOBO tanks and drums with the exception of EXPERT / Multi Drums of the tank series 3000.

- CPE-3 Prozessor
- Lift
- 4 Flaschen 600ml
- 4 Mensuren 250ml
- 1 Tank 1520 with one reel
- 1 Magnet 1504

Film and paper capacity:
- 5x 135-36
- 6x 120
- 12x 4x5"
- Papers up to 30x40cm

Technical data:
- Size: 25,5 cm x 65,5 cm x 33 cm (HxWxD)
- Weight empty: 3 kg
- Voltage: 230V/50Hz 330W
- 110V/60Hz 300 W
- Temperature Range: 20-40°


In downtown store Berlin only available on special request.

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