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FOMA Reversal Process Developing Kit Foma For 8x35mm / 2xD8 / 2x DS8 / 1x16mm

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FOMA Reversal Process Developing Kit Foma For 8x35mm / 2xD8 / 2x DS8 / 1x16mm

Film Format b/w slide


B/W Slide Kit

Complete reversal processing kit for slide-developement of 8 Fomapan 100 R 135/36 films or other B/W negative of slide films. Unlike the normal B/W negative developing process, the exposed silver in the image remains clear and the unexposed areas turn black. In order to do this, the exposed silver areas are developed and washed away, and the remaining unexposed silver areas are then exposed (second exposure) and once again developed, then finally fixed. In this way, you get a slide with prefect gray tones.

The kit contains:

First Developer


Clearing Bath

Second developer


The Bleacher is free of potassium bichromat. Full mixing and usage instructions are included, along with a developing time table for Fomapan R. Other films can be developed by slightly varying the first developing time (5 - 11 min).

Attention: the reversal developing process is complicated! There are a few things that you need to watch out for. Since potassium bichromat can no longer be used, the bleach bath is a little touchy. The bleach bath used in this kit goes bad quickly. Therefore you need to mix the bleach just before you use it - preferably you should mix it during the developing process, run it through a coffee filter, and then use it. Be sure to bleach for a sufficient length of time! It is also very important that the film gets sufficient light during the second exposure.


8 films 135/36


2 Super8/DS8/N8 Filme 15 Meter


1 film 16mm 30,5m/100ft


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