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Here you can check on the current status of your order.

With Track & Trace you can always keep an eye on your shipment. Over the internet you can look up where it is.

Please enter the parcel code which we have emailed you with our outgoing confirmation email. Please eliminate all blanc spaces in this field.

Please note that some deliveries leaving Germany can only be traced until the border. Some of you will not remember but this is a parcel sent by world postal service contract (DHL = German Postal Service) and even though we are in the new millenium the world postal services still work like in the 19hundreds. So it may take up to 6 weeks for your parcel to show up. On the other hand this is by far the cheapest method to get your films shipped to you acros the world and we have VERY little losses.

Parcel tracking


Enter your parcel code and click "search". On the next page you find an overview about the current status of your parcel. In order to see more details please click on "detail".

Help for DHL Tracking

In case you need to contact DHL, for example in order to request a second delivery, you can call DHL:

Hotline DHL : +49 1 80 5-3 45 22 55

Please note: Sometimes we split your order in more than one package. For example if the weight or volume was exceeded. In this case it may happen that you do not receive all parcels together. You can track all parcels individually. We send you more than one code if we have sent more than one parcel.

More about Fotoimpex

Informations about the company and about analogue photography on the official Fotoimpex Website.

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