About Sponsoring

..or why we can´t do it in most cases.

FOTOIMPEX is present in the artist´s supply market thus it is no wonder that we are facing a large amount of sponsoring requests.

To a certain extend this is historically based. In the days where there was still a “real” market for films and photopapers supply and demand were in equilibrium (or at least fluctuating around this pole) and money could be made selling analog material, artists and art students were sponsored by “the industry” so that they produced something influencing and amateurs got excited about this purchasing all kinds of materials in their attempt to do the same.

Today the remaining market is 100% those artists and enthusiasts themselves. Prices are still lower than in the 1980ies (counting in 2% of inflation) and thus it is a great challenge to cover costs to remain in this market at all. “Profits” is a strange word to us since about 20 years.

The given concept of FOTOIMPEX is more a mixture of keeping analog photography allive and the need to stay in business at all which means to make at least enough money to pay wages, rent and those taxes which Germany applies also onto losses. If we gave up on this we would simply vanish from the market.

The owners of FOTOIMPEX have never received any payout since the company was founded. It would probably be smarter to transform FOTOIMPEX into a non profit organization because then at least those painfull extra taxes on losses could be avoided.

The same applies to ADOX which is “held out” by FOTOIMPEX so we can continue to manufacture all those beautifull things for which others have long given up voluntarily to manufacture them due to non existing profits.

Thus FOTOIMPEX as well as ADOX unfortunately fail completely to perform in the role of a patron/donator.

The given economic difficulties are due to the desolate markup situation in the photo market caused by high competition among the remaining players. Most products have to be offered at a so called market price which means you cannot ask a penny more for anything than the competition. This runs prices down to the edge of profitability. This is especially the case for all branded products (big brands) because they are in the “must have” status (you cannot be a photo seller not offering TRI-X but you also don´t make anything on it when you sell it). The highest competition takes place with anything film.

Therefore we do not instantly turn down every sponsoring request but we have to carefully evaluate if this makes sense for us or not.

The following criteria are apllied:

The exhibition or workshop must be targeting an audience with at least a potential buying power.

The products expected to be sold must have at least a potential profit in them (papers, Chemistry, Accessories)- not only film!

We cannot supply goods for free for ever simply because the participants are “poor”. This would be a job for the above mentioned patrons.

Requests shall not be for third party brands. If you want to be sponsored with Fuji Films you need to contact Fuji. We are ADOX.

Please always conisder that we are in the exisiting form already a gift to the artists of the world.

Photoclubs and Universities can apply for the FOTOIMPEX friendship account. If enabled we grant rebates onto those products (mainly chemistry) where this is possible. In order to sign up please email a request on the letterhead of the University or registered club to. info(at) fotoimpex (dot) de.

Meanwhile we remain with our best regards,

Your analog crazy FOTOIMPEX enthusiasts